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Tools & Accessories - Pinewood Derby - Learn & Explore Mark Twain Hobby has been helping people get there hobby on since 1976. With the top RC brands and products, plastic model kits, model trains, electric slot cars, and die-cast, you are sure to find what you need and want.

Pinewood Derby Machined 2.5 Degree Bent Axles with Easy Turn Screw Driver Slot – Polished Grooved and Nickel Plated Axles for Rail Riding or Canting Rear Axles – (2 axles) by Pinewood Pro 4.8 out of 5 stars 6 Axle Slots | Derby Worx Pro Board I just found out our district race is strict on using the stock axle slots. This means we will be building a new car in the next 8 days! Does anyone have any advice on getting the nails in straight and square without damaging the wood. Also any easy (fast) alignment tips would be great, as we typically drill our bodies. List your top 3 tools/products | Pinewood Derby Online I just got the Silver Bullet Xtreme drilling jig, which is a bit of an expense at $200. I have two young grandsons, so perhaps another 7-8 years of pinewood derby in the family, plus I am considering some BASX racing for myself. After that I fully expect that the jig will still have value if I choose to sell it and recover some of the cost. derby worx pro axle guide - Pinewood derby

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How To Build a Pinewood Derby Car/Block - Wikibooks, open ... Pinewood derby car axle hole drilling jig. Axles can be installed in slots or holes. Unless installation in the original slot is required, a drilled axle hole will make wheel and axle alignment easier. Pinewood Derby Car Kit Specific Help | Maximum Velocity Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby® Kit. The Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit consists of the following: 1 Wood Block: 1-3/4W x 1-1/4H x 7L inches, offset 1/8 inch deep axle slots, with a wheelbase of 4-3/8 inches Cut new axle slots in your pinewood derby car block. Now you can cut accurate axle slots in a pinewood derby car block with this tool and a standard hack saw. New axle slots are needed if the existing slots were not cut straight or if you want to alter the wheelbase of your pinewood derby car. You can also cut slots in the top of the block then cut the block in half to make two blocks. Build - Axel Slot Jig — Boy Scout Store

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Shape N Race Derby, Pinewood Derby, Kub Kar Rally—whatever you call it, a derby is a lot of fun, and it's a great opportunity for learning and for making memories.

Pinepro Pine Car Derby Kits, Block – LemyDaby Advantageseasily align pinewood derby axles in a precut slot and get perfect wheel spacingAxle Guide rib is concave so your axles slide straight inThumb depression makes it easy to hold the Axle Guide in placePRO Axle Insert Guide includes … Gameshark Sp Software Download

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Max out your Pinewood Derby car's weight at 5 ounces and make sure the heaviest part is about 1 inch in front of the rear axle. This is the most important step. How to Build a Pinewood Derby Car | The Art of Manliness

MSRP: $42.95 | Patent #: 6,906,694 - DerbyWorx The Pro-Body tool will improve the speed of your Pinewood Derby® car by: 1. Axle Slot Preparation – For kits with axle slots, the Pro-Body Tool ensures accurate axle positioning and straightens the factory slots 2. Axle Hole Re-drilling – For races which allow axle holes, the Pro-Body tool serves as a guide for drilling accurate