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The Truth About Poker Luck - PokerVIP Oct 16, 2015 ... Though many of us would hesitate to call it "break-even" because of the ... still really severe (almost 90 buy-ins) and longest break-even stretch ... Breaking Even at 1-2 NL Live 5 months normal? 30 hours a week ... If you are smart enough to break even at poker, you are smart enough for a lot of ..... Here are my results for the 1-2 over this 6 month stretch.

In SnG's I've had many +10 BI swings and a 250 game break even stretch. Some online pro's regularly have 100k hand break even stretches or even 1000 games at break even in SnG's.

How to Stop Playing Break Even Poker Once and For All Break even poker players play everybody the same. Elite winning poker players have a specific tailor made strategy for every opponent.Many people struggle playing break even poker for years and years on end. But it really doesn't have to be this way. My Longest Break From Playing Poker Ever! - YouTube Playing poker for a living, it's easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget why you're playing poker in the first place (playing poker online and playing live poker). In this video, I share my reasons for taking such a long poker break as a professional poker player, as well as some of the... weaktight | Weaktight Blog | Maximizing Poker Win Rate… Since you're expecting break even stretches in the first place, bad results are just part of the job. As long as your bankroll management is on pointAs with everything poker related it pays to be able to adjust quickly. If we stumble upon a very good rakeback deal it's probably best to adjust our strategy... The Truth About Poker Luck - PokerVIP

Your tips to stay concentrated playing hours of tournaments?

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Even in Vegas, the full schedule of tournament series supplemented by dailies isn't a viable profession.It's also a lot of poker playing. $240,000 of tournament entries per year is $20,000 ofLong-term expected ROI in WSOP events is just over 10%, if you're really, really, good at poker.

If he had a 300k break even stretch so did his opponents most likely or maybe slight losers due to rake. 300k with rake paid = a lot of cash bonuses though.It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In with Red Chip Poker. The 3 best ways to stop tilting at the poker table Every poker player, even the best out there, deals with tilt a certain percentage of the time they areThe great players realize when they are on tilt and either snap themselves out of it or take a break.The 1,000x rule is a little trick I developed to help me handle bad beats at the poker table and prevent... Poker - Break Even | Quiz

I've had a seriously long break-even stretch for a fair while now. I'm looking to move up to NL2 but I just can't do it. Every time my bankroll gets some extra beef to it I lose it the next day.

1,3k games and i played around 20k games with 4,2% ev roi.....the thing is: bad card distribution->starting to play tilted->than finnaly you start making bad decisions and you really aren't aware.....but i can guarantee you that you aint playing your best poker. Even poker - AugustLeonard1's blog

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