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Are you a gambler or a Forex trader? | Wall Street Oasis May 5, 2017 ... The gamblers usually act depending on the hope. The Forex traders do not act depending on the hope whereas they act upon the logic and ... Is Forex Trading Gambling? The Answer Might Shock You

How to Trade Forex: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow How to Trade Forex. Trading foreign exchange on the currency market, also called trading forex, can be a thrilling hobby and a great source of income. To put it into perspective, the securities market trades about $22.4 billion per day; the forex market trades about $5 trillion per day. Are trading and gambling the same? | Futures Magazine Trading and gambling are similar in that they both attempt to create a capital gain, over a relatively short period of time, without creating new wealth. If I am a shoemaker, then my efforts ... Forex Trading vs. Gambling: Is There a Difference? - You have to remember that what differentiates trading from gambling is being able to bend the odds in your favor. That is why, as a trader, your mindset should be akin to that of the CASINO and NOT the gambler, who merely focuses on one event (or trade) at a time. Is Forex Trading Gambling ? | forex signal trade blog Is ...

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Trading is not gambling. | Page 4 | Forex Peace Army - Your ... Yes I have a friend which he already has a good ability to making money through forex trading, if likely forex is gambling hence will can`t, he making money through forex trading, forex is not gambling but this is about skill trading, so if want to make forex as money making machine, we need to improved skill trading Is Day Trading Like Gambling? - I can tell you without a doubt that trading in the markets is not like gambling at all. Gambling has a fixed odds system for all major games, while trading in the markets is truly unpredictable. The “house” or market does not have any unfair advantage as with casino style games. Why Forex trading is not like gambling - PipBurner It is still amazing that in this day in age there are still people out there that think Forex trading, or any type of trading, is the same as gambling. To be fair, the inexperienced trader or someone who has never traded before do have a point.

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Trading is not gambling. | Forex Peace Army - Your Forex Trading Forum Trading isn't a gambling by thinking about where the price will move, in spite of the fact that there are numerous traders (for the most part amateurs)... Forex Trading or Gambling - Page 2 @ Forex Factory

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Is Forex Trading Gambling? The Answer Might Shock You To answer the question, is Forex trading gambling, we have to break it down by the very definition of what it is to gamble. But before we do that...

Shows the difference between forex trading and gambling.Forex trading strategies are key to any trader’s success. So, let’s compare them to a gambler’s strategy. A horse racing gambler will pick a horse based on wins, current racing circuit success, age, odds and the other horses in the race.

For many novice traders, trading really is gambling, as they’re placing trades based on gut feelings and not on market analysis. However, as you develop your strategies and skills, there’s no question that Forex trading can become more science than luck, setting it apart from gambling in an important way. Is Forex Trading Gambling? @ Forex Factory

The sections that follow cover some of the distinguishing differences between gambling and trading, and offer some techniques to optimize your trading technique accordingly. Trading Versus Gambling. Occasional gamblers do not tend to have much of a game plan or strategy when gambling, and for this reason they do not tend to win consistently.