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I am looking hard at an archtop but, other than the price which really isn't an issue, I wonder what the real difference is between the Dot, Sheraton II, Casino & the Riviera. Being a big Beatles fan I naturally lean towards the Casino but, except for the IBJL versions, the price range of the Sheraton, Casino & Riviera are pretty close.

What's the difference between hotel and resort? The first and foremost thing that differentiates a hotel from a resort is the land that they acquire to be built on. More often than not, you would find a resort built on a huge space, for it contains a large number of rooms and other amenities, say a golf course or a hotel. Monaco or Monte-Carlo? What’s the difference? – THE FRENCH ... There's always been a certain degree of confusion between the two names, which is especially unfortunate as both of them are pretty famous. So just to clarify once and for all, here’s the difference. MONACO is basically the name of the country. Yes, Monaco is actually a real country, a constitutional monarchy in the same… Epiphone Dot vs Casino vs Sheraton | GigGear Epiphone Dot vs Casino vs Sheraton. Epiphone have a great range of semi acoustics. The three most popular models all share semi acoustic qualities but have difference making them all unique.

Many of the resorts in the Riviera Maya are out in the middle of nowhere. So they are much quieter. Some are in the areas of Playacar and Playa del Carmen.. Most of the resorts in Cancun are in the hotel zone - an area shaped like a large number 7. Right up near the point of the seven is where the party zone is.

Epiphone Riviera | Vintage Guitar® magazine The Epiphone Riviera helped reinvent Epiphone in the 1960s as a modern ... As if those features weren't enough to distinguish the Riviera from a Gibson, the ... The Casino, introduced in '61, had single-coil pickups and a fully hollow body. Epiphone - Wikipedia Epiphone is an American musical instrument manufacturer founded in 1873 by Anastasios ... Epiphone was Gibson's main rival in the archtop market prior to 1957. ... To help distinguish itself from the parent brand, Epiphone also maintains its .... such as the Emperor, Riviera, Sheraton and Casino, were available into the  ... Casino - Wikipedia A casino is a facility which houses and accommodates certain types of gambling activities. .... Casinos in the United States say that a player staking money won from the casino is .... The Casino Estoril, located in the municipality of Cascais, on the Portuguese Riviera, near Lisbon, is the largest casino in Europe by capacity. List of casino hotels - Wikipedia

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11 Aug 2014 ... Epiphone Casino Coupe and Riviera Custom P-93 Guitars .... My son and I looked at both these exact same guitars together in the .... 7 Acoustic Guitar Body Shapes, Their Differences and Sounds | Reverb - Duration: 11:25. Epiphone Casino and Epiphone Riviera - YouTube 7 May 2015 ... Epiphone Casino and Epiphone Riviera ... 25 Guitars Shootout with a Princeton Reverb - Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Fender, Gibson, and many ... Comparing the Epiphone Casino, Sheraton and Dot 335 - Nick from ... 16 Feb 2011 ... http://www.pmtonline.co.uk/brands/epiphone Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/ pmtvuk Find us on social media: ...

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Visit Monaco and Monte Carlo on a trip to France | Audley Travel I think Monaco has so much to offer beyond the casino — the royal family’s long history, the changing of the guard at the palace, and the views of both France and Italy from its shores. France specialist Samantha Things to see and do in Monaco and Monte Carlo Casino de Monte Carlo

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Gibson ES-330 vs Epiphone Casino – Dan Loves Guitars The head and pickguard are styled for Epiphone. But other than the few minor differences, this is a better example of the classic ES-330 than Gibson has made in 20 years or more. Epiphone Casino. The Epiphone Casino was originally build in Kalamazoo Michigan in the same factory as the Gibson ES-330. This was soon after Epiohone was purchased by

Difference between the Grand Sirenis Resorts - Review of ... Trip Advisor has a hotel listed in Akumal for Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Hotel & Spa, Grand Sirenis Mayan Beach Resort & Spa, and Grand Sirenis Resort. Many readers probably ask themselves what the difference is between these hotels. The answer in my opinion is nothing they are all essentially the same resort. Difference between Cancun and Riviera Maya? ? - Cancun ... Cancun is full of high rise resorts, lots of clubs and several malls and restaurants. The beaches are rough, but beautiful. Playa del Carmen (about 40 miles south) has softer waves, beautiful beaches, no high rise resorts -- nothing higher than 3 stories allowed. There's plenty of shopping, restaurants and bars all within walking distance. If you stay right in town there's never a need for a taxi.